Wearables Workshop with Younghui Kim!!!!!!!!!

this is what we were given

A couple of weeks ago, Thursday February the 5th.  I had the pleasure of attending a very cool LED and conductive thread Wearables Workshop at my school New York City College of Technology. Dan Mikesell along side other faculty members were able to bring in a wonderful professional to demonstrate her skills and share her knowledge.   Our presenter was Younghui Kim, she currently teaches Interaction Design Studio in the Digital Media Design Dept of Hongik University in Korea. You can see more of her “smart fashions” at her website www.absurdee.com.  It was a hands-on workshop, the intention of which was to create an LED bracelet. The bracelet would be self-contained having a coin battery for powering an LED that was wired using conductive thread and conductive fabric! Two metal snaps were used as a “switch”.
Younghui Kim began the presentation with a power-point presentation about herself. Next she highlighted different areas of study and technologies that are allowing for new advancements in the Wearables field. Wireless technologies like Bluetooth and high speed 3G communication networks are allowing things such as the THE HUG SHIRT to do amazing things with electronics in embedded into clothing. After she had completed the background information Younghui Kim and “Professor Dan” went through some step by step instructions on how to successfully complete the bracelet.  In classic City Tech form, far more people had shown up to the presentation than were expected. But in spite of that, every one who had signed up was willing to partner up and help share the experience, which was a really great thing to see! It was funny to see us all there, after we all started working because we were a room full of technicians…Sewing, lol. More people had problems with threading the needle than understanding how to complete the curcuit. I will admit It had been a will since I had done any sewing myself and I think that may have factored a little bit into why I couldn’t get the LED to light once the curcuit was complete… or at least I thought it was complete.
I was able to get the LED to light up after I got home by sewing the snap on with more thread in an attempt to increase contact area! The workshop was really cool and I hop we can do more of this kind of thing in the future!


~ by apuccio311 on February 20, 2009.

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